Proyectos: CulturePlex Lab

Modificado el 26 de Julio de 2018

The CulturePlex Lab is directed by Dr. Juan Luis Suárez, Ph.D., and formed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and Ph.D. students with very diverse personal and intellectual backgrounds. To know more about our people and projects, please, click on the relevant links in the main menu.

The CulturePlex Lab does research on the several phases of cultural dynamics: creation, transmission, and representation. The different different academic perspectives of our researchers —from philosophy to mathematics, computer science, economics, philology, and art history— provide us with a varied toolbox that we use to select, develop and tailor the most appropriate solution for the problem at hand. 

Doing research on cultural complexity means three things: analyzing the same phenomena at several scales (from the individual's to the network's), employing a multidisciplinary approach, and taking advantage of the available computing power.

The problems we tackle range from tracking the origin and spread of baroque culture, to developing new ways to catalogue digital objects and preserve our global heritages, to creating powerful software systems that make possible to manage creative and humanistic content in the web 2.0.Also, we build and adapt the computer tools needed to enhance our analysis and offer the best visualization of the most complex cultural processes: agent-based modeling, topic maps, databases, and natural language processing are some of these tools. 

The CulturePlex Lab has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (LOF), the Government of Ontario, and The University of Western Ontario.